Mengapa Kami

The Reasons

To Choosing Us

  • Focusing primarily on assisting first-time job seekers who otherwise may have not been able to gain employment with companies that are dedicated to paying salaries and providing other benefits that enable a decent standard of living for themselves and, as often is the case, their extended families. Tunaskarya has made genuine differences to the lives and families of more than 100,000 Indonesian workers in the past quarter century.
  • Sourcing and recruiting workers is one small part of supplying a workforce. Tunaskarya’s rigorous recruitment process ensures that workers are best prepared for the rigorous of their daily lives, from initial series of tests, interviews and healthchecks, to pre-departure orientation and transportation to Riau Islands Province. All of these steps have been carefully designed to ensure employees have the tools they need to adapt to their new work environments.
  • Tunaskarya emphasises the importance of the “human” component of “human resources” with its Community Development Division. Workers housed in the Tunaskarya’s dormitories as well as those based outside the industrial parks in which the Company operates benefit from a range of additional educational courses, sporting and other activities and health services to best integrate into our manufacturing community. This benefits not only the individual workers themselves, but also the community of which they are a part, and companies they work for.
  • The Company’s Dormitory Management Services Division manages Tunaskarya’s onsite dormitories, which provide safe, secure and modern housing and other facilities for up to 15,000 workers.
  • Tunaskarya’s commitment to its workers does not end when employment contracts expire. The company repatriates each and every member of the Tunaskarya community to their homes throughout completing the full circle of services unmatched by other recruitment companies.