Recruitment and psychological assesment is one of our core competencies. Our specialist are experienced in selecting right person for the right position. We always emphasis on the client requirements for the capability as well as personality of the candidates through interview and psychological test.

We also provide a comprehensive recruitment and mobilization service when customer wants to recruit from other part of the country under AKAD program, besides recruitment and selection, all administrative matters related to mobilization from the place of recruit to the work location, including pre employment medical check up, orientation, and signing working agreement and government procedures complience will be undertaken by us. Designed to save clients time and money, we offers free replacements for workers/staff who fail to pass obligatory three-month probation periods.

Another service that we also provides is an integrated recruitment management and consultation to assist the client in management and execution of manpower planning, sourcing, campaigning to the school/education institute, recruitment and selection process.